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Where to stay?

Where to stay in Turkey?

Where to stay?

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Where to stay in Turkey?

For a glimpse of Asia from the safety of Europe, go to Turkey where you can enjoy the comforts of the West with the mysticism of the East. Only one other country, Russia, can boast of being in two continents. Just three percent of Turkey is in Europe, including Istanbul which, despite not being the capital, is still the centre for economy and culture.

Some of the most luxurious hotels in Turkey are located in Istanbul which is often the starting point for visitors when they arrive. You do not have to flock to the beach hotels in Turkey for the whole holiday, but perhaps take time to go inland and stay in the hotels Turkey has there.

Some of the many highlights of Turkey

The volcanic area of Cappadocia is a good place to start with its soft rock formations, eroded and shaped over time into fairy chimneys, table mountains and deep valleys. Churches cut out of the rocks house centuries-old frescoes, some still in amazing condition.

For more intricate carvings, visit the temple at Nemrut Dagi, on top of a mountain and adorned with mighty stone heads carved during the reign of Antiochus I (64-38 BC). The North Aegean coast is less populated than the south yet retains a charm of fishing villages and scenic countryside that is sure to delight.

More information on the hotels in Turkey

The biggest, most flash hotels in Turkey are, not surprisingly, on coastal resorts and in the main cities. You are more likely to find the cheaper hotels Turkey offers in less developed areas which are off the beaten track.

There are plenty of mid-range and boutique hotels in Turkey popping up all over the place, especially in the more touristy areas. Wherever you decide to visit on your trip there are bound to be suitable hotels in Turkey for you.

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Flights to Turkey

There is no where else like Turkey, with its long legacy of historical sights, beaches stretching for miles with golden sand to tempt you, and its biggest city straddling two continents. Turkey is modern, yet its history goes back to a time when myths were born. Turkey is urbanised yet it has some of the most rural parts you will find in Europe.

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*Return fares per person, including taxes, excluding CHF 19,99 booking fee.

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