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Where to stay?

*Return fares per person, including taxes, excluding CHF 19,99 booking fee.

Where to stay in Amsterdam

It is convenient, relaxed and full of fun things to do – how could you not want to go to Amsterdam? With many flights landing at Schiphol Airport throughout the year, you will realise just how easy it is to get to. The airport is just 15km southwest of the centre and well connected with trains and buses ready to take you into the centre.

Make a reservation

If you are on the search for hotels Amsterdam has plenty to suit but it is advisable to book in advance. This is not a city you want to turn up to without any hotels Amsterdam reserved. Because Amsterdam is relatively small, the chances are wherever you end up staying in one of the hotels Amsterdam has, you will be close to the action.

Amsterdam by bike

If, while staying in one of the hotels Amsterdam has, you feel like seeing the city from a local’s point of view for the day, hire a bike. This is how many city dwellers get around as the cycle paths are plenty and the needs of cyclists often come before drivers.

If you are buying a bike, make sure you have a really good lock as thefts of bikes are a common occurrence. There are also bound to be places you can park your bikes at the hotels Amsterdam has to keep them safe.


One of the most up and coming places in the city is the Eastern Docklands (Oosterdok). Having suffered decline a few decades ago, the area, which was a major player during the shipping height in the 17th century, has been redeveloped and there are even some new hotels Amsterdam style.

Some of the coolest bars and restaurants are situated here as well as the Netherlands Maritime Museum and the Stedelijk Museum, which holds a wealth of contemporary art.

If you want to marvel at some architecture, you never have to look far in this city. Many of the hotels Amsterdam has are great structures in themselves but one of the most appealing buildings is Oude Kerk, a Gothic church from the 14th century. It has three stunning stained glass windows and a tower open between April and September offering great views of the city. You could probably spot one of the hotels Amsterdam has that you are staying in.

Walking round the city you will not be able to miss the Royal Palace (Koninklijk Paleis), an immense building with a lavish interior which was once the largest town hall in Europe. Dam Square, where the palace sits, is the site which gave Amsterdam its name as this is where the River Amstel was dammed in the 13th century.

Get the best deal

Even if the hotels Amsterdam has are pricey, there are often deals to be had at certain times of the year. The same is true with CheapTickets.ch except this airline is never too pricey and the deals continue all year round. So book one of the hotels Amsterdam has and get on a CheapTickets.ch flight – it could not be easier.

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*Return fares per person, including taxes, excluding CHF 19,99 booking fee.

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