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Where to stay?

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Where to stay in Delhi

The city of Delhi is a conglomeration of many districts that have melded into one amazing capital. Traditionally said to have grown out of seven successive cities, Delhi is now a sprawling, noisy, traffic-laden place which bombards the senses at all turns. Such is its size that the hotels Delhi has are numerous and spread all over the place.

The best hotels Delhi can offer

This can really depend on your budget and the sort of place you like to stay in when you are abroad. Being a very cosmopolitan city means the hotels Delhi has can vary from luxury personified to cheap and cheerful lodges that have just the most basic of amenities.
For international hotels Delhi is swamped with them with many concentrated in Connaught Place, the commercial centre, and around Janpath to the south. More of the luxury hotels Delhi has are found on the Lodi Estate and in Chanakyapuri. Most of the more expensive hotels Delhi has can be booked in advance or at the airport on arrival.
Your best bet for the budget hotels Delhi offers is to hire a rickshaw and have a scout around. A word of warning though – do not believe touts or anyone who comes up to you randomly in the street to say any of the particular hotels Delhi has that you want have closed or are full or even burned down!

More tips while in Delhi

Steer clear of Delhi belly by avoiding drinking water unless it has been boiled first, and avoid food that will have been made with untreated water such as ice cream. Remember ice cubes in drinks will also invariably have been made with water that has not been treated.
Most of the hotels Delhi has will provide facilities or warn you what not to do. Rather than buying bottled water and creating a plastic mountain of bottles, purify your own water with special chemical sterilisation packs. Some of the hotels Delhi has may have these on sale or you could buy before you fly.
If you are travelling between the hotels Delhi has, make sure you agree a price for the journey before you start, whether that be by taxi or rickshaw. Do not get taken in at the end of the journey if they increase the price. Be strong and stick to your guns.

Food options

Many of the hotels Delhi has offer food but confusingly some places advertised as ‘hotels’ do not offer accommodation and are basically restaurants. Opt for the local dishes when you can as they are likely to be the most freshly cooked. Spices are used across the board so if chillies are not to your liking, ask the waiter for something a little less fiery!
Staying in any of the hotels Delhi has is an experience in itself. Live that experience and revel in it. Then revel in the fact you can get incredible deals through CheapTickets.ch to fly to India. Check out the flights CheapTickets.ch offers and then check out the hotels Delhi has for an all round great experience.

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*Return fares per person, including taxes, excluding CHF 19,99 booking fee.

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