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Where to stay?

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Where to stay in Berlin

Between the world wars, Berlin was a place a decadence where anything went and no questions were asked. If you have seen the musical Cabaret, set in Berlin, you will understand. This decadence and love for all things luxurious still lingers somewhat in the city, and is illustrated by the wonderful hotels Berlin has.

It is also true to say that many clubs and bars carry on the tradition of showcasing new talent and bringing a certain je ne sais pas to an evenings entertainment. Some of the hotels Berlin has offer the same sort of lively techniques to put their guests in a party mood. So book one of the hotels Berlin has, and come and join the party.

The type of hotels Berlin has

The wide range of hotels Berlin offers means you can arrive with loads of cash to splash about or plump for a more budget option. The busiest time of year for the hotels Berlin has is between May and September so make sure you book well in advance during these months.

Many of the hotels Berlin offers are smartening up their act even more as international chains set the standard and the independent hotels Berlin has try to keep up so they do not lose any business. There has been a spate of incoming designer hotels Berlin has seen with cool features such as baths in the bedroom and custom furniture.

There are also the new art hotels Berlin parades which are either designed by funky artists or have walls covered in the latest art offerings.

The food of Berlin

Most of the hotels Berlin has will offer a variety of local dishes as well as some international fare. But sausages are the dish of the day, and with 1500 varieties, that is a lot of dishes! Which ever one you chose, it is likely to be served with bread, mustard and possibly sauerkraut, a dish of vinegary cabbage.

If you want something different, opt for Heaven and Earth (Himmel und Erde), which is mashed potatoes and stewed apples accompanied by black pudding. Some of the hotels Berlin has may offer this as an option.

A real treat in Berlin is pigs’ knuckles or cabbage or pea soup. If none of this takes your fancy, there are plenty of other cuisines to satisfy your taste buds as Berlin has a plethora of ethnic restaurants.

But what Berliners really like to do is partake in a leisurely breakfast, and Sundays are the day to do this when cafes fill up with eager eaters waiting to tuck in to a lavish buffet.

If you want glitzy boutique hotels Berlin has realised this is the way to go as visitors demand more and more extras and exciting features. If you can afford to splash out on one of the luxurious hotels Berlin has, then save money on your flights by booking through CheapTickets.ch. Their range and prices cannot be beaten so book your flight and then your hotel Berlin bound for a fantastic holiday.

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*Return fares per person, including taxes, excluding CHF 19,99 booking fee.

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